Shallow, but oh so much fun!



"I have nothing to wear!" Normally, I NEVER need to say those words, but since delivering Robin, I´ve not been able to wear hardly any of my trousers, let alone my denims, and believe me, I have MANY pairs of jeans-(even after selling second hand/giving away countless of pairs).
"Heck, let´s check how far it is to go, I´m soooo fed up with black leggings", was my thought this morning as I grabbed the first pair in the pile.
A pair of Blue Cult. American designer denim with quite a lot of stretch in them, but hey, a size 25 (about 27 in European sizing)?
Did I really wear these once???

I laugh and pull them over my kneecaps, prepared to find myself struggling as I get to the upper thigh part.
Not only am I inside them, but I´m also able to do the button up!
Robin´s face is perplexed as he watches his mother dance around in the bedroom, singing and hollering.

Tomorrow is an Acne day.



Malin said...

It´s a lovely feeling - isn´t it?!
Enjoy all the coming jeans days =)

Up for a fika soon?

Love and hugs!

susanita said...

Hey, snyggot där!
Looking good!

Känner igen känslan. Sitter just ni iförd mina gråa Blue Cult, fast jag kan ärligt säga att de "var större" förut, ha,ha. O jag "väntar" fortfarande på att jag ska komma i mina Sass&Bide, de är just nu mera ståbyxor o jag vill gärna kunna sitta skönt i dem. Men då måste kroppen shapa till sig mera, mera core-träning.

Ha en go vecka!
kram från ett regnigt jkpg.

mojo said...

åh,ja-njuter som bara den! Fika nästa vecka??

Sus, I Love it: "ståbyxor"... Förstår i detalj vad du menar..:)
håll mig uppdaterad på sass&bide-fronten,så återkommer jag med en acne-rapport...