A Weekend not to...

...wake up from!

Wow - Still HIGH on the past few days. Couldn't remember the last time I spent a day without my training gear on (well... I am not a victim here - I do LOVE my NIKE stuff!!).

But still ;)

Started out with a BOMBASTIC FANTASTIC Night out with Pom and the Pilates Chickas! Lovely pasta and red red wine warmed us up for the OUTSTANDING Cirque De Soleil Show - Saltimbanco!
There was no WAY I could fall asleep after a show that MAGNIFICENT so I meet up 2 beautiful men at BjörnsBar! (They must have thought that I was high on drugs or something, cause I couldn't stop talking about the man who almost drowned in the toilet in the middle of the stage...) Good thing they are CLOSE friends :)

The weekend continued with the THEME of CRAZY - as I kidnapped Mom to Asia Spa in Varberg (first stopping in Halmstad to have lunch with the worlds greatest Bro :).

Was a long time ago I saw mom and we both enjoyed the cosy asian robes, the hot waters, the saunas, the chillout room (where we both feel asleep:), the dinner, the yoga with Ulrika Nordberg - a sweet Detox Flow - Mom did GREAT actually! Note that she DOES NOT practice yoga at all - my plan was to get her to practice with another teacher than her own daughter... I gave her some tips: Like Childspose for example - her response:

- Lovelly! Is it enough if I say it or do I have to do it as well?!

Let's say we have a lot of things in comon, but yoga/exercising is not one of them!

Left Varberg for Gothenburg where Mattias turned me into QUEEN in less than 45min! He is AMAZING, in so many ways! He just came back from shooting Charlotte Perrelli's new WORKOUT Book in Spain!

Both of us were attending BIG 30Celebrations, unfortunately it wasn't the same one - so we jumped into separate cabs into the black night.

After LAUGHING, eating and celebrating we contined to PUSH :)
What I recall from this evening is this:

Champagne Champagne Champagne!

But from WHOM it came from I have no idea....

There were at least 40 of the B-Boys closest friends including his family - and when I look up I see a 30year old boy in his underpants only standing on the bar and next to him his father (around 60) without his shirt and his tie around his forehead jumping/dancing! This is where I fall of the sofa (from standing :) and almost break my thumb... This is also where I take the grown up decision to GO HOME :) (Must be my yogi skills ;)

Let's just say that SUNDAY was spent in BED!!!
And it was the BEST Sunday with the BEST person ever :)

I am so ready for THIS moment, and the one after this, and the next and the next - Universe - Just keep em coming ;)


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Fia said...

Mmm !
Jag jobbar på min avundsjuka sida...

Norberg, Darling ;)