Nike Convention 2010


This day has been crazy. Busy from the minute I woke up until now... 2 good meetings. 1 live and 1 over the phone. Taught 3 classes and had my hair cut. Finally. I was afraid that I would have to cut it real short...like a few centimeters (since I´m loosing so much hair right now) , which would NOT be a very good look for me, but my hairdresser just laughed and said that I didn´t need to worry. Phew.

By the way, remember that the Nike Convention site opened for bookings today!
See www.nikewomen.se for more information. You can train kettlebell with me Friday, Saturday or Sunday and Caramel Core+Dynamic Training+Global Yoga with JOJO.



Cizzi said...

Vi ses kanske där! =) Jag blir mest i cykelsalen och se ska jag försöka vara med på dynamic training =)

Jo said...

JA såklart du ska krypa ut ur mörkret o möta ljuset Cizzi!!
Ser fram emot att se dig på DYNAMIC TRAINING ;)


Helena said...

Jippi - äntligen! :)

mojo said...

Hahahaha, Helena, vi ses väl på kettlebellen??? :)

Anonymous said...

Ja, troligen sa det ar