Chase your Dream

Oh la la


An extra shout out to KIMMO - My Man - My ASS istnat BJer in crime - Can't wait to do it again!

And to Arja - BB mother! For your deep dedication and passion in everything you do! My Finish hot moma!

And of course to all YOU Rockin Instructors who kept the energy high up there during al those classes - Amazing!

After all those classes on Saturday and a soft dinner on the penthouse floor, the LM Trainer team decided to continue the booty shakin outside of the gym :)

I decided to sneak into the KINO since we had 3 hours to kill before the PARTY started again! I found FAME playing @ 8.15pm - PERFECT!

I bought the CD before the movie came out and I immediately fell in love with this song. Didn't think I could fall again, but hey - deeper and deeper - Now I'm also in LOVE with the guy singing it.... OMG!!! If I were only 10 years younger.... ;)

Hope your weekend was .... just the way you wanted it to be :)


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