Who challenges you?!

Soon I'm with this CAT Woman again - last time was in MAY 2009 - feels like an eternity ago and at the same time yesterday....

EXCITED and NERVOUS ... weird feelings I know - Trying to figure them out but I just can't explain it, trying to stay present. Last hours have been HECTIC to say the least

Wednesday - Teaching from 730-1400 non stop, cab to the airport - starting and presenting a NIKE YoGirl event in Oslo at 18-2230 - straight to the hotel bed to wake up at 430am - flight back to Gbg - Teaching 8-12 and now landing in my appt, laundry time (well needed!!), fika time with Mo and then of to a GET AWAY at St Jörgens Park - Spa Ritual, Relaxing, Dining/wining, hopefully able to be present and enjoy the view + the MAGNIFICENT company - to be woken up in the morning (note - not middle of the night!!) strol down to the FAB HOTEL Breakfast - and then BERLIN and Ana FORREST 7 Day INTENSIVE!!!

Any tips in BERLIN peops??


Will keep you updated from the HOSTEL!!! Yes - not HOTEL but HOSTEL - where I CHOSE to stay - ask me why plz.....



La belle/Le bad boy said...

My tips for Berlin:

Monsieur wong, white trash, kuchi, bar tausend,rest luchs, east side gallery, qiu.... Have a fab week!!!!

p3te* said...

So you're going to train with Ana Forrest again :)

...why do I feel I should be wishing you Good Luck!

mojo said...

Thanks for the Good Luck Pete :)

And La belle and e bad boy - love your name and the song ;)

Have read about monsieur wong :) But the other ones... hm can you be more specific?
It sounds VERY interesting!!

Thanks Jo

La belle/Le bad boy said...

glad you like mr w :)

white trash - restaurant/bar/tatoo shop/smoker cinema - just a really rebel and decadent place
bar tausend - a cool bar and night club with soft mix of people
kuchi - sushi
east side gallery - really cool art gallery that twist communist propaganda with modern grafitti
qui - vietnamese restaurant with great food
restaurant luchs - stylish place with italian food.