Falling in Love with Life

Back in Gothenburg after Body/Mind-blowing days in my new BFF Berlin :)

Between Berlin and Gothenburg I stopped by in Stockholm and Halmstad.

Thank you Lina and Maria for wicked 24h (even though we only saw Maria for 12 of those 24 hours hihih ;)

Thank you Halmstad and FORM for beautiful flow with the new BODYBALANCE 47, it certainly has a HALO glow to it and I am looking forward to sharing it in Gothenburg this coming weekend together with beautiful Anna Paringer at Fitness Festivalen!

Last day of November 2009 today - yesterday was 1sta ADVENT!
I LOVE Christmas - think it is a late rebel thing against my mother who never puts out the christmas stuff until the 22nd of December. That + the fact that we did get ADVENTSKALENDRAR with the best and most heartfelt gifts ever, I think my mom kept sending it to me as I moved to Gothenburg :)

Christmas for me is COMMUNITY - spending time with family and loved ones, cuddling inside with candles as darkness surrounds us more and more.

At least I got a start feeling for it in BERLIN:)

Another thing that make my heart JUMP with JOY was one day after yoga class - sitting at my BAGEL shop in the window, a girl passed by, I smiled at her (after the morning yoga I was always in a supadupa mod, loving life extra large :), she entered and then left again 5min later. As she left the barrista came to me with a coffee and a note....

I had never seen the girl before! So I asked the lady to translate and she said something like this:
Today is my birthday and I want you to have a beautiful day :)

Isn't LIFE SWELL :) You just gotta fall in love with it!

Over and over again!!

Happy Namnsdag Bejb


The name derives from the Greek noun ἀνήρ – with genitive ἀνδρός –, which means "man" (i.e. male human being).
Well of course - ALL words has an origin in Greek, right!
So there you go ;)



p3te* said...

It just goes to show
"smile, and the whole world smiles with you :)"

mojo said...

Yes Sir!!!

See you in yoga - CORE Focus ;)


Anonymous said...

Vad fint! Så borde fler av oss göra oftare. Låt oss göra världen lite ljusare. Ett leende är en bra början.

Sending a smile to u!
Kram Camilla