Svettisdagarna 2009


Thanks to Friskis&Svettis for having me back at their yearly event: Svettisdagarna, in Stockholm. It´s a true honour to be invited again and to work with some amazing people over 2 days. 1.400 people gathered at Idrottshögskolan to be inspired.
I brought P & Robin because P´s sister and our dear friend Misty Tripoli was also going to be there.
Misty taught 3 AMAZING classes and it´s always a pleasure to see her in action.

According to P, Robin thought mum looked rather interesting on stage. At least until the main light was turned off. Then he completely ignored me and his full attention went on to "the robot" light show...

500 people doing a seated meditation at the end of Misty´s dance class, Studio 54.

Love at first sight. Robin trying to look cool in the photograph, but truth is: he fell head over heels in love with this LA goddess...

I brought some West Coast Power with me on stage in my first class: Tobbe from Gothenburg & Anders from Kungsbacka...

"Not sure what you did up there mummy, but I prefer you down here...."



Jessica Clarén said...

Meeeen aaaaah! Jag var ju med en sväng på Mangos klass... inte visste jag att du vara där någonstans med!

mojo said...

God, damn it, vi kunde ha tagit den där fikan som vi har pratat om sååå länge!!!...nåväl, bättring på oss till nästa gång... Lova att höra av dig om du är på väg till Gbg innan januari, annars får vi tokfika i Sthlm innan Nike istället... :)