A busy Sunday


Yes, is the answer to the question: Did I feel yesterday´s class in my body? Although not half as much as I was afraid to...
I kicked myself out of bed this morning to guest teach a yoga class at 10. Had a lot of fun! Great crowd and a lot of familiar faces.

After the class I went home, showered, changed and rushed off to my meeting with Usama & Musse. We discussed the Ruffie concept in length. Ruffie will be launched spring 2010. Exactly how our collaboration will pan out will be decided in the next couple of weeks. Inspirational guys and a very promising concept.

Father´s Day was then celebrated at home with the 3 families. Robin & I are both coughing away, so tomorrow will definitely bring a long sleep-in.

By the way, anyone who calls me up until Friday (when I get my phonenumber transfered to the iPhone): Don´t worry if I sound weird on the phone. My SIM-card has gone haywire since I transfered my contacts to the iPhone, which means I don´t get caller ID anymore on my Nokia. Hence, when JOJO called me earlier tonight, instead of going: "Heeeelloooo JOJO!", I went: "Yes, this is Monika speaking" in my business voice. Silence. "Ehhhhh...hello?...This is Johanna...?" :)

New week tomorrow. New adventures.



Erika said...

Underbart yogapass!!

Tack för korrigeringen och hjälpen på slutet, uppskattades och behövdes! =)

Hade det varit så här varje söndag hade jag lätt prioriterat yoga oftare...

//Tjejen i svart längst bak

mojo said...

Åhhh, tusen tack, Erika!

Vad glad jag blir att du tyckte om passet (och hjälpen på slutet). :)

Hoppas vi ses igen,
du är varmt välkommen om du vill komma och provträna en onsdag (Gymnasium, Sisjön) kl.09.00, bara maila mig.


Erika said...

Tack för erbjudandet!
Hade gärna kommit men tyvärr är det en lite dum tid när man jobbar, men får jag möjlighet någon vecka så hör jag absolut av mig!

Kram E

mojo said...

Full förståelse för det. Erbjudandet finns iaf kvar om en lucka skulle uppstå.