Sleep Deprivation


What a weird day.
After a tough night with a baby that wanted to be fed 4 times, I had bags the size of Samsonites under my eyes this morning. I can normally look half ok even when I feel dead tired, but boy, did I look ragged as I left the house!

Driving out to grandma´s and grandpa´s Robin was crying his way throughout the whole car journey. Phew.
I´d brought my running kit, but still felt so tired at noon, that I just went for a very light jog.
Came back to the city at 15.30 and immediately feel asleep beside Robin on top of the double bed. For 1h & 45min! I think both mum and son were a bit spent after last night.

Did I get anything else done? Yes. Actually managed to mix one of two classes for work this coming weekend. Happy for small mercies as they say.


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