A big ol´GRUMP


I´m grumpy with a big G.
I´m still coughing. It was better last night, but it got worse again this afternoon.
We´re paying way too much money in tax in this country. Don´t get me started on this issue, or I´ll never stop. (You can tell that the monthly tax payment should be done by the 12th of Nov....)
I´m not happy with my new book keeping people and I don´t look forward to changing-again.
The heating in our apartment is broken. Actually, the heating is broken in the whole house. It means that I live in my sheepskin slippers and that my bum freezes to the....well, you can probably imagine the rest.
It´s 22.00 and I still haven´t got half the stuff done on my to-do-list today.

Grumpy with a big G is the word of today.


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