Money on trees...


I found out today that I have a small fortune to pay the tax office before March 2009. Suffering because my intakes were significantly larger during 2007, in comparison to 2006.
It was the perfect scenario for applying the "ostrich method", so I went out and did some sparkly dress-shopping.
Mature, eh?

Well, I tell you what IS mature: We´re looking at an apartment tomorrow. To buy. Even if it doesn´t happen before the end of the year, we felt like now is the time to start learning more about what´s out there and where the prices end up. I am SO grateful that P agreed to stay in the city for another couple of years, because at the end of the day I was not ready to be a country wife just yet. That day will come (it´s just not here or even close right now...).

Anyway, I´m growing up. I´m getting married. I´m buying a flat. It´s about time, isn´t it?
(I hope I don´t have to pawn my shoe collection to get a loan...)
Well, there are only so many sparkly dresses a girl can buy...
(or are there really???)



Jennie said...

Så illa är det inte att vara en country wife :) Trodde jag aldrig skulle bli det, men man hamnar här, förr eller senare...

mojo said...

Hahahaha, vet du vad, jag kommer DEFINITIVT att hamna där också - absolut! ...bara inte riktigt, riktigt än... Ge mig 4-5 år till, sen är det dags!

Hoppas att få se dig igen snart! :)


Anonymous said...

I hear you, sista'!
Who is ready to leave Metropolis for the countryside? Not me and you, that is for sure.
(To be totally honest, I think neither you nor me will ever leave the city.)
Just imagine; there are very few shoes and sparkly dresses in the countryside...

Shoe shopping equals the meaning of life!


mojo said...


We´re on the same page on that one! Although one day all this will be exchanged for a garden, the ocean and sleeping with the window open... Just not TOO far away from frothy cappuccinos and high heeled shoes... :)