I wanna go HOME

Yees, Yes, Yes!

I wanna go home
I miss u

It is at times like this that I hate being alone, I wanna have someone by my side who says; Bejb, just relaxe, I'll take care of everything, just lean your head in my lap and close your eyes. By the time you open them, you'll be home!

Right now, I don't get karma...

Why? Why? Why do you cancel a flight after 10h of waiting. Couldn't you calculate, use propabilities to figure out that the plane probablly wouldn't be able to take of, not today either...

Tallin, i love u but right now U SUCK!!!


Pom I miss u

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Marit said...


I feel the same.. I'm still stuck in here.. Even though I'm in the right country, I'm not at MY HOME! Will try again tomorrow..
And surprise, surprise.. I'm not that strong to move my car from one place to another when it's stuck in the freakin SNOW!!! grr..