Crazy 1 or Crazy 2?

Where do I start, wow!

To crazy things:

1 You all know that I had a crazzzy journey TO London. And I don’t know how to tell you this but the journey FROM London was almost as crazy!

Got home to the apartment at 1130pm, packed all my things (one weekend in Skåne and 2weeks in London, living teaching, training) and went to bed at 1am. At 3am the alarm went off. Taxi picked me up at 330am to take me to central London. Arriving just late enough to miss the first bus (it was okay though since I had quiet ok time I could take the next bus). Waiting 30min in the cold night for the second bus. And I wasn’t alone, other people were waiting next to me, when one guy shouts out: This is the wrong platform!!!!

Everybody running with his or her luggage and as we come around the corner we see the bus leaving….

This time I didn’t have time to catch another bus so I jump into a cab, 80punds, 70min and some seriously stressed sms to MO I arrive at the airport 5min before the check in closes.
At the check in the lady looks at me and says: That’ll be 108 pounds.
What the “#€% !!!

Apparently there was no luggage on my ticket + I was carrying to much weight.
What could I do but pay and then go through security, buy a warm cappuccino that I was dreaming about enjoying on the flight home with my new best BOOK!

And here is the lethal punch that got to me:
Mam, you cannot take the coffee with you on the flight!!!!!!!!


Let me tell you this, when the lady in the blue suit and red lips on the plane said, Bye bye see you soon… All I had for her was: NO YOU WON’T!!!!!!

2 I bought this bracelet at the BURBERRY outfit. First I was not supposed to buy it but I changed my mind in the last second since it took us 1,5 hours to get there in the pouring English rain I figured it would have been a failure coming home empty handed. But let me tell you, I would NEVER EVER EVER have paid 300 pounds for this qt!

Which one is the craziest do you think??


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