Love NOT Locked Down :)

The same spot that will heal you can also kill you!
Intention is everything!
What is your intention with this week?

Duncan Wong was one of the people who gave me PRANA during the Yoga Show in London!
I am not a fan of YOGIC PERFORMANCE or YOGA COMPETITIONS, but if you are gonna do it, do it 100% like this guy!

I loved the way he so simply explained it:

Pilates is preparation for Yoga Yoga is preparation for Martial Arts

Babysteps and you will get there!

Went to Skåne for a day, it was GREAT! After spending two weeks in London with hours of comuting everyday, i figured why not go down to skåne since I have a day off :) It really boosted my system! Meeting my mom, brother and his gorgeous girlfriend (soon to be wife:)

Let's rock this week!

If you don'thave any plans for the weekend here's an idea:
St Jörgens Park has got AYURVEDISK WEEKEND! A must! Great food, amazing hotel, treatments, yoga, feng shui environment, you can have it all! I teach yoga in the morning! Come and hang out :)

Sat 15 is HOUSE TÅGET! If you like LIVE performance in a NEW and FRESH form + dancing the night away you have to join me for this one! It is going to be wicked!!!!!

Hope to see u around this week

Love Jo

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Anonymous said...

Sharon & David kommer till Stockholm i slutet av november.

Vill ni missa ? !