Red & White weekend (no, not talking wine...)


Tomorrow I´m off to Stockholm (again!) to join the revolution of "Svettisdagarna"! I am the proud presenter of 2 spinning classes at the Red & White yearly gathering of Friskis & Svettis main event.
There are 1.500 people taking part in the 2 days of training and inspiration and there will be 150 bikes in the bike room.
Should be "da Bomb"!

I LOVE working with F&S - so much love so much joy! Also, my music style is so not very Friskis (not a schlager in sight!) which makes it even more exciting - both for them and for me!

First of all though, I´m looking forward to my appointment with Affi (who desperately needs to fix my eyebrows) tomorrow morning and then it´s lunch with mum.
Packing will happen around 14.00 when I follow the usual routine of throwing all I can find into a VERY big suitcase.
Lucky my train doesn´t leave until after 5pm...

Yes, warewolf-alert, ahoy!


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H said...

Say hi to mum from me..! Hugs!/H