Bravery and beauty


Back in Stockholm. We had a wonderful afternoon with a smoothie at Blueberry (this time at Sibyllegatan 15) and then a looong late lunch with CK at Yogayama.
A lot of fun and it was truly inspirational to see CK in such brilliant form half way through her chemotherapy. Without hair she looked like a cool New Yorker working in fashion/advertising/PR. Wow. (If I lost my hair I would look like a HUGE headed woman with a very flat backed skull!!! Also, the wig shop would tripple charge me because the size of the wig I would need...)
What a NASTY disease cancer is and what aweful stuff you have to put your body through to get rid of it...
I salute you CK for dealing with it with such bravery and such inner AND outer beauty!

Tomorrow Mango and I will be at SATS Zenith all day. Mango is teaching Pilates & Dance, followed by my spinning, then after lunch Mango is doing Functional Moves and I will finish off the day with 90 minutes yoga.

It´ll be an honour inspiring the Stockholm posse of SATS-instructors tomorrow and then be profets in our own home town in Gothenburg on Sunday, repeating the same schedule at SATS Kungsgatan & SATS Kompassen.

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Z said...

See you at Zenit ;)