What a cosy day!
Breakfast with Fab POM and KRULL (who is no longer krull, kinda like me). I love u!
Christmas decorating my home hahahha, mom would die if she knew that I've done this already. She is the mom who decorates for christmas on the 23rd of Dec and throws it all ("it all" being one tomte, 2 red pillows and one BIG christmas tree) out on the 25th!

By christmas decorating I mean: Putting my old junk in the attic (finally). Vita hyacinter, mmm, loads of candels everywhere. Christmas star in the window, a BIG tray of juciy oranges and an old white tall ADVENTSLJUSSTAKE :) mmmmm

And now I am of to school, I LOVE SCHOOL!

Before I took my degree as an NON GOVERNMENT PROJECT MANAGER I studied MANAGEMENT within HEALTPROMOTION (humanekologi in between :)! I love the idea of the concept health PROMOTION!

So here's the quote of the day:

"Hälsa är ett tillstånd av fullständigt välbefinnande såväl fysiskt, psykiskt som socialt och inte bara avsaknad av sjukdom." - WHO, Världshälsoorganistionen 1948

Have a good one


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