VIRUS week


Computers should help your daily life.

More often than not, they seem to do the opposite... Why do they suddenly decide to "freeze" when you have written a particularly good email or blog-thread? Why do some updates prevent you from reading your emails as normal or open attachments? I know, I know, I know, it´s supposed to be for security reasons and to protect us from VIRUSES, TROJANS, etc etc.

The last few days my old anti-virus program (Norton) has been playing up my home computer. It kept telling me to compress old files and that there were not enough disk space, etc. VERY annoying since I ended up deleting 3-4 programs, clearing zillions of MB...and it still wouldn´t work.

Well, thank God for Google. I´ve now deleted my old virus program (which in itself needed almost 200MB space!) and installed a FREE (yes! We like!) anti-virus/spyware program for PC-owners, called Avast.

It has had phenomenal feedback on different forums, blogs and magazine sites around cyberspace, so I dare say it comes highly recommended.

Phew! Not only do I have to keep myself in good health this week, it seems that my computer was the one with the potential serious problem...


p3te* said...

Ive been using it myself for over a year...no problems so far!

mojo said...

Thanks for the info - good to know!

You don´t happen to have any suggestion of a good "shredder"-program? :)


p3te* said...

CCleaner is a great program for removing unwanted from your computer, like your internet history, temporary files, and general junk lying around.

It also has a setting in the options menu for securely deleting the Recycle Bin, which (i guess) should do what you need.

...It's free too!

mojo said...

Wow, top advice - thanks p3te!!

Will I find it on downloads.com?


p3te* said...

just do a google search for "CCleaner", and it will appear at the top of the page.

Happy downloading!

mojo said...

Ccleaner is now installed and works wonders!
Another zillion MB of space were freed in an instant, thanks so much for the tip!