Toppsy Turvey Spin me around!

You know, things don't always turn out they way you planned! Recognize that?!

Well, this day so far:

  • New CORE Class, a FULL class! Wow Hagabadet, u guys rock! Great class but HARD, I almost couldn't do it myself hihih
  • Plan= train new BJ, but as I took a break and phoned my grandma the computer died :( So I went home!
  • Taught Pilates, NONE of the participants had EVER done it before, a challange, but we had FUN! (I hope, I think!)
  • Getting ready to train the new BB release, but the studio was "occupied" since the class was running late. I finally got in only to be thrown out 30min later :(
  • Was looking forward to go Horse Riding, but they wouldn't let me ride the horses :( God damit!!!
Still I am pleased with my day so far cause I have dealt with it all in a very Organic way :) Go JIRA!

And also, my mailbox was filled with nice mails this morning, like this one:

What can you now do,
that you'd like to do,
that you aren't doing?

Do it, Johanna.

The Universe

Jihaa!!! I will!

See u soon

Carpe Diem Jo

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