Ice, Ice, Baby


It´s too damn cold. And I have a habit of leaving the house without a hat, gloves, scarf etc.
When will I have time to change my tires??? I´m not sure what happened, but hey - it got freezing cold in the 4 days I was away... Went for a run in the afternoon and wore 3 layers...

Enjoying the feeling of being home and although I was a bit stressed out this morning to hit the 13.00 deadline for Venture Cup, it felt SOOOOOOO good to hit the "send"-button at 11.45! Not bad, eh? 1h & 45min to spare!
Normally, I never procrastinate. Or, should I say, not to the very, very last minute anyway... it´s just that lately, I´ve been busier than ever and travelling eats away both time and energy.

Maybe if I could get myself to work whilst travelling, but that have never been my bag.
When I travel I want to sleep, read novels or glossy magazines, sleep, listen to great music and sleep... (in that particular order).

Whilst putting on your sheepskin slippers, enjoy this view of the beautiful, rugged West coast a scorching hot day in August...


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