I Don't like Buffets

I don’t like buffets

I either eat too much or I don’t eat at all….

I have such a hard time pacing myself.

This weekend is a buffet!

Today I am off to OSLO to teach the quarterlies: BODYJAM 47 and BODYBALANCE 43.
They rock I must add! Especially since the HOTTEST jammer is on the DVD, Swedish ÅSA FORNANDER totally shows you how to get low in the hip-hop part ☺

Coldplay opens up the new BODYBALANCE with the lyrics: ” Just because I’m losing, doesn’t mean I am lost” Wow ☺ Ask my brother if he likes that song, or let me rephrases that: ask my brother if he likes ME singing that song ☺

One night in Oslo and then Stockholm bejbi! It is a good thing that I am not in Stockholm tonight cause there would have been a fat chance that I would have stirred my little touché towards Cafe Opera and HOUSETÅGET. Considering that I am working this weekend that might not have been a pretty site Saturday morning. So a little less buffet, thanks!

El Stockholmo awaits me on Saturday evening, and here is the tricky buffet part:
To many dear friends to meet and greet in to few hours
To many hot, cool yoga workshops to attend in to many places in to little time.
If I were you and I were in Sthlm this weekend I would be glued to either:

DAVID LIFE and SHARON GANNON’S workshop on www.yogayama.se

Jason's workshop on www.bikramyogasoder.se

Well, I am also teaching the quarterlies in Sthlm on Sunday so I’ll let you know how I managed to digest this weekend buffet on Monday ☺
If you want more tips on how to eat as much as possible without being full like an watermelon with seriously high blood sugars you can ask MANGO ☺ hahahahahahha NOT!

And yeah, by the way, it is also 1sta advent!

Phuu, so much fun, so little time

Stretch the breath people stretch the breath!


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