Run Jo Run

I saw this movie in London. I was expecting to see a Brad Pitt born !old" and growing younger the "older" hoe got whilst his childhood love aged as everybody else. Makes sense? Did I just dream this or does this movie really excist?

Anyhow, that story never happend in Burn After Reading, but I must tell you: GO AND SEE IT! It is the craziest film out there at the moment!

Watch closely if you want to see what I, JO, look like when I run on a treadmil!! Hahahaha
If you see the movie, and have been following our blog you will notice that Brad Pitts caracter is actually a perfect mix of Mo + Jo + Mango!!! Can you spot the scenes? (I have already given away one of them!)

Love this freakin rainy friday cause I am HOME an I am NOT working!

Wanna hang out? Just drop a line :)

Yo Yo Jo

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Emma igen said...

Fast Brads kille saknar ju helt BRAINS och är därför inte ett dugg lik nån av er...