You're HOT n your COLD

Soo much going on right now!
Both internally and externally.

St Jörgens Park was AMAZING! I can't belive I haven't been there until now. If you haven't either, promise that you go there for a soft late lunch or an early morning in their "Himmelriket" and finish with a lovelly breakfast!

Gorgeous J hooked me up with THE best room on the top floor with a view overlooking the entire city!
Lunch in the bar with Gbg's hotest Blonde, chillin in the spa before my Shirodana (could not stop thinking about the ayurvedic treatments I got in Kreala. Let me tell you, they were worlds apart:) Not saying that one was better then the other, but different (ask Mo if you want to have another opinion :) ).

Then another gorgeous babe join
ed me for a 3 course dinner, starting with Champagne to be continued with a to-die-for red wine mm (the food was good to :)
Walked (20m) home, and had girl talk in the to-die-for bed until it was time for us (me) to wake up (remember I was there to WORK!).

20min of loving meditation with the Lisebergs Granen as focal point, and then I was of to teach my ONE Yoga class.
It was A PERFECT class. A full room (a feng shui yoga room, me like!) of mixed students, some who never ever had set a foot on a mat before and some very advanced. It was a challange, but the kind of challange I love cause it forces me to work extra hard, and stay really focused. It was a succes :)

After class me and A went for the SPA ritual in "HEAVAN" and since we'r both PITTA (fire) we got a speciall scheduel to follow, something like this:
  • Japansk Tvagning, I rub your back and you rub mine mmm
  • Fotbad with special salt
  • Sauna (there are like 7 or something diff saunas) with chrystals and aroma therapy
  • Facial Mask in another sauna
  • ICE COLD shower.....
  • Safari shower hahahha
  • Scrub
  • A pool that was hot/cold/hot/cold wich we walked around in
  • Isvak
  • Sauna HOT
  • Scrub with ICE
  • MuddPack in SteamSauna
  • and on and on and on
Finally we were ready for breakfast, yummmey!!!!

Sunday: I just Storstädade my entire appt, jihaa. Have made APPLEJUICE from 5kg of fresh organic apples (with some ginger mm) and now I am trying to get my tired littel touch to go and learn the new BODYJAM release, how can it be so hard to JUST get going....oh well

"Anything is possible", she belived, so she grew WINGS and flew like an ANGEL to the STARS!

See ya Jo

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