Weekend Blues


Spinning & Yoga in Stockholm yesterday and the same in Gothenburg today.

It´s not every Sunday I get to bike to my weekend work and I really celebrated that novelty today!

There was a moment of confusion when it turned out that the yoga class was to start an hour earlier than what I previously had been told. Also it was held at SATS Kompassen, not SATS Kungsgatan, which resulted in the fact that some of the participants had to run from the spinning class 10min early- to join Mango´s muscle class, then leave that class 10min early to run back to Kompassen - to join my yoga class....

Well, well, Mango and I discussed yesterday what an honour it is to be invited (to give inspiration) to Scandinavia´s largest chain of fitness clubs.
It was nice seeing a lot of familiar faces - and it turned out that 3 of my old students now teach classes of their own at SATS! Great stuff! Meeting them brought back a lot of good memories of hundreds (if not thousands!) of crazy rides during the years. My spinning career celebrates 14yrs next year and there have been one or a thousand faces passing by throughout those years.

Tomorrow is another week....

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