Duracell Bunny is getting tired...


...and wouldn´t mind some Christmas holidays right now.

Instead, I´ll be off to Tidaholm this weekend for a 2-day In-Cycle Certification Course.

Next Wednesday I´m travelling to Linköping to participate in Scott Sonnon´s 1-day Kettlebell course, followed by his 1-day Clubbell course. (Oh, and I´m guest teaching a spinning class there as well!)

Scott Sonnon sporting a clubbell.

Sunday 7 December is my last weekend booking of the year, and it´s close by (doing a heart rate course for a new club in Kungsbacka).

Monday the 8? Ohhhhh, celebration of "almost holiday"-day! Well, at least for a couple of hours, then I´m off teaching my regular classes in the evening!...

Thursday the 11? Thailand, here I come!!!!


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