(Be careful) What you wish for


I set my alarm at 6.40am this morning and I was so, so tired when I left my warm, cosy bed.

By 8.02 I was on the train to Falköping and an hour later I changed from train to bus. As I was making myself comfortable in my seat the first phone call arrived. Someone was almost crying down the phone. Turns out that the gym I was travelling to was burgled last night!

We agreed I would go to my hotel in Tidaholm and await further information.

I arrived at the spookiest hotel I´ve ever been to. At 10am the reception was closed for the day (!) and I entered with a code that I had received at the time of the booking. My key was waiting in a white envelope on top of the reception desk. Except from me, the whole building was empty, or at least that´s the impression I got. Long, dark corridors and an elevator without a window... I´ve seen enough horror movies to know when the audience goes:
"NOOOOOO, don´t go in there, you stupid, stupid person!!!!"

I was seriously contemplating how on earth I would be able to sleep in that place... Pictures of little twin girls, "REDRUM" and an insane Jack Nicholson were running through my head.
Second phone call arrives: Turns out that the burglars not only have stolen stuff, but also caused enough destruction to make it impossible to work in that gym for at least 2 days.

So, 2h after arriving in Tidaholm, I´m on the train back to Gothenburg.

And that´s how I ended up with half a free weekend at home! Just when I needed it most. Weird how life works sometimes, eh?


Cizzi said...

Usch vad hemskt. Vi hade inbrott för några månader sen och jag var först på plats morgonen efter. Mycket läskigt så nu har vi larm! Men trevligt att du fick lite ledigt! =)

PS. Om du har vägarna förbi Ludvika någon gång så är du välkommen att kika in hos oss på Må Bättre och cykla =)

mojo said...

Hej Cizzi,

Ja, du hade helt rätt i det, en ledig helg var faktiskt ganska välbehövlig, även om det hände under tråkiga omständigheter.

Tack för inbjudan! :)