The sweatpants war


In the last few days I´ve fought a war against my grey sweatpants. After coming out of the shower, they have been calling: "Wear me! Wear me! Wear me! I´m comfortable! It´s raining cats and dogs outside and I will make you warm and cosy!"

I have no trouble wearing comfy sports clothing. I WORK with training. And that´s the problem. When you spend a lot of your work time in different types of training gear, it´s nice, not to say necessary for your mental health, to wear some dressed pieces now and again.

I had lunch with my designer friend yesterday. She goes: "Wow, you look great! I thought you said you´d just been home working in your office all morning?" Me: "Yes, I have" (I was wearing black suit trousers from ZARA, a black, phenomenal satin super-bow top from Hoss & black stilettos from Kurt Geiger) Designer friend: "You wore that at home, just lounging about in your home office?" Me: "...uhmmm..."

Because I REFUSE turning into the sloppy track-suit-woman 365 days a year! And having your office at home isn´t an excuse. Dressing up will put you in a different mind-set, work-mode if you like...

BUT, since today is spent evaluating Kettlebell-instructors, the grey sweatpants won the fight this morning...sitting in someone´s class wearing high heels and a dress from Hoss, just doesn´t feel that appropriate...

Super-duper comfy grey sweatpants, extra long, supersoft T-shirt & black fitted cotton hoody - all NIKE

Ps. Saw someone on Sunday who certainly won´t have aforementioned problem...shared the flight back from Umeå with Thomas di Leva...wow, that man probably doesn´t even OWN a pair of sweatpants. He wore a purple coloured sheepskin coat with a huge OM-sign on the back, green trousers and wild hair. Awesome.



Linda said...

Sjukgymnasten känner igen sig & håller med! Underbar läsning som vanligt :)

mojo said...


...and the war continues...

Hoppas att du mår toppen!


Cizzi said...

Haha, känner igen mig där. Försöker variera mina träningsbyxor med jeans för att inte växa fast i dem ;)

Marit said...

Love the pants! :)

The most comfy ever!

Yep, I have them too :P



mojo said...

Cizzi, I love denims too! My only problem is that I always have a FAVOURITE pair-and then the fight is to use my other xxxx-number of jeans and not always the SAME pair!... :))

Marit, these sweatpants are lethal! They should come with a warning sign: "Might be extremely addictive and bad for your future fashion status"!
Don´t you think?


Marit said...

hahaa :D

Mo, You are right, they should!!

I hope Jo packed at least one pair of high heels in her luggage :P