London report


We had to wake up at 3.30am this morning to make our way home with the horrendous airline, Ryanair. We swore (literally) never to fly with that bloodsucking, money-grabbing, stress-inducing company ever again. Poor Jo ended up spending a fortune just trying to get her luggage to arrive in Sweden at the same time as us.

I´ve done a scaringly little amount of yoga in the last few days. The Yoga Show was entertaining for 1 day, but after Friday I was bored stiff. I bought some DVDs, books, some presents and watched a whole bunch of weird people wandering around amongst crystals, Ayurvedic medicine remedies, CDs, socks and juices, many of which (people, not juices) I´m absolutely convinced were wearing more grey (and "noppiga") underwear than what is normal this side of Samadhi.

P did a great presentation which was completely packed out on Friday evening.

Saturday we took a lovely Pilates-class at DanceWorks. Quite yoga influenced and exactey what I needed. The rest of the day/evening was spent looking for the Burberry-outlet. Thank God, JO was with me on that trip! It took hours to get there and even longer to get back to civilization! I bought a Christmas present for Daisy and Jo got a beautiful bracelet, but other than that we left empty handed... In the absolutely atrocious weather there was no way we were going to make it back to Olympia in time for P´s second presentation, so instead we got stuck on the bus somewhere between Kensington and hell....

Shopping-Karma didn´t get better when I finally got to try on a pair of 15cm-heeled Christian Louboutins just to find out that my dream shoes (which I was already the proud owner of in my head) gives me "sausage-toes"!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here I am, with my credit card willing and ready, and the sexiest shoes on the planet

GIVE ME SAUSAGE-TOES?????????!!!!!!!!!

"This cannot be happening!"
I found myself thinking.

...but it did. And since I had spent the whole Saturday chasing Burberry, on Sunday the Louboutin-shop was of course closed. Which made a very frustrated MB, whizz around Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges looking for a replacement.... I loved the peep-toe sandal style (below), but hey, I´m not bloody Cinderella. There was only a size 4 left at Harvey Nics and I would have had to cut my, by now famous sausage-toes off completely to fit in to a eur37...

So - without ANY luck in the shopping department about 1h before closing time on Sunday, I finally hit home and within 40min I´ve found a gorgeous pair of boot/sandals from Kurt Geiger and a

It´s stunning and it fits perfectly. It´s in a highly undescribable dark lilac colour with brown hues, in shiny satin with loads of ruffled material. Strapless, with a corset body and a knee-length princess skirt. Yes, I´m getting married. Yes, it will happen this side of 2009. Yes, the wedding will be for the immediate family only - in Sweden - and Yes, you will know (just a little bit) more about it when we get closer to the date.

Actually did think about taking 2 classes Sunday morning. Instead, P and I had a loooong breakfast at a French café in Hampstead and then we caught the bus to Finchley Rd and watched the new Bond movie "Quantum of Solace" at the O2-center. Highly recommended as far as action movies go - and with Daniel Craig being the best (and sexiest) Bond ever, it was a brilliant choice of activity.

Feels more than fab to be home...


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