There is a little piece of glass left in my foot, kinda like a reminder of this summer wild and crazy days. A little diamond reminding me of that there was a time in my life when I was young and restless, wild and crazy! That my life hasn’t always consisted of work, work, some more work and little to non existent social life (I mean, you can’t count the 2weeks in London, I was there to work after all even though I did some shopping, fika, movies, inspirational classes, morning walks in the sun etc etc. And you can’t count the fika with mo today cause we did talk about the blog and other serious business.).

Anyhow, I am now getting tired of this little reminder in my foot since it is not letting my do any form of exercise where I put weight on my left foot (that pretty much only leaves me to do handstand and swimming and I don’t like to swim during winter).

Went to se a nurse today, she gave me a bandaid and said that I should wait and see if it gets better till Monday, but let me tell you sister, I’ve had this since Axwell rocked Lilla Helfvetet in June 2008 and it ain’t getting any sweeter….. So tomorrow I am either cutting the bastard out myself (have already tried this a couple of times!) or a doctor will do it for me!

Kisses and chocolate

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Emma R said...

Om du håller ut till nästa sommar, Jo, är du välkommen till mej på vårdcentralen! Då ska jag operera dej med glädje :)