At least this morning I won. Grey sweatpants stayed by the bed and on went extra baggy suit-shorts+extra tight waistcoat from Stella Forest+black fitted cotton-lycra vest from H&M, boots by Gucci.

In my V.V.K-mode (Våga Vägra Koma - or "Dare To Refuse Coma") where the mission this week is to rejuvenate and recover, I´m happy to say that on day 3 it´s working. The extra hours of sleep, the extra vitamins and the slower pace during the day saw me waking up this morning FULL of energy and feeling great!

The final goal is to arrive on my holiday on December 12 relaxed and focused. Instead of arriving 1.feeling faint, 2.like a wreck with a sore throat and/or 3.needing 48h of continuous sleep before the holiday can start!

Step 2 on my mission is next week, when my plan is to finish all the Christmas shopping before Wednesday, when the shops are nearly empty and with plenty of time before December 24...

Yes! I´m on a roooooooll!



Anonymous said...

You look great! Malin G

mojo said...

The "outfit" is comfortable as well as sassy...

Hope you are great! Will we see you guys on the 20th December? Hope so!

Hugs & Love