TEDx ...

... Gothenburg coming up!

Just landed back in the city after 2 lovely days at Asia Spa!
Taught 3 classes - and YES, what a crowd!!!

I know what I LOVE - To see people inspire themselves and GROW!

This is Why I do what I do :)

Quiet exhausted coming back home (sometimes I forget that I am working and al the preparations I put in to it sometimes seem so natural that I also forget that they actually DO take energy and time! The result is that I end up SUPER SURPRISED over the fact that I end up with a feeling of Tired and empty!) I dove into my next project - The HOST of TEDx Gothenburg!

Wow - I DO LOVE TED talks and when Carl (who's a student of mine at YogaBuddhi) asked me if I wanted to be the host I said YES before I had the time to blink :)

Now at this hour of the night before the event I am thinking - WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!

I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

Check out www.tedxgoteborg.com


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