If you want to move/change someone - You have to INSPIRE them, not MOTIVATE!

And I agree!

I'm in a very interesting phase right now. After 3 weeks of 6hours yoga each day in NYC and landing back in Gothenburg i find it really hard to go in and do a "WORKOUT". At the moment it doesn't inspire me.
And when things don't inspire me I have a REALLY hard time DOING them!
Part of me becomes really frustrated over this behaviour and thinks - Come on Woman, get yourself together and just DO IT.
The other part of me says - chill - Listen to your body and soul, it talks to you for a reason, pay attention.

I guess I am a person who very much EITHER DOES IT OR NOT. The inbetween is very hard for me. And then ADD the ACCEPTING part... phew... Hard!

Go for a run - sure why not! But at the moment I'd rather sit and breath
Go do a BP class - yeah I could, but the idea of lifting things in a room filled with people, up and down to a set pace, in a set way, knowing exactly what will happen... I'd rather watch the clouds pass by
Go to a yoga class - I did, and I am being honest here, please it's not you, it is ME. But after getting used the the amazing teachers and classes in NYC there is NO class that I feel the SPANDA and PRANA to attend (and YES I have tried)... I'd rather meditate

This is really hard for me - Cause I am a person used to MOVING and at the moment I can't see any point in the MOVING for the sake of MOVING or for the sake of getting a tight ass - It just doesn't inspire me!!!

This is my mantra:

"Patience is waiting.

Not passively waiting.

That is laziness.

But to keep going when the going is hard and slow - that is patience."

What about you?

Love Jo

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