Fed up. Pissed off. F***ing enough now.


I have to admit: It´s hard to be a trooper when the cough is back for the 4th? 5th? time this year...
Actually, it pisses me off so badly that my mood has definitely been affected over the last couple of days.

Back on asthma medication, double intake of all the vitamins and minerals I can get my hands on, plus lots of angry, moody, dark thoughts.

To hell with positive thinking.

I need a bloody good moan now.

And my best new friend in this moment?

Barbara Ehrenreich´s "Smile or Die, How Positive Thinking Fooled America and the World".
Especially chapter six: "Positive Psychology:The Science of Happiness" makes me laugh out loud. Even now.

Here´s an extract from the Sunday Times´ review of the book:

"Americans, in order to have a nice day, every day, have to consume two-thirds of the world’s antidepressants, along with all those burgers and that horrible “cheese”. And as well as gobbling Prozac, they have to lie to themselves a great deal. Life coaches counsel them to look in the mirror every morning and “make affirmations” such as “I am successful! I am beautiful! I love myself!” Such statements would strike any sane person as ludicrous, boastful and untrue. Yet millions of Americans do this. The US market in “motivational products” is worth a staggering $21 billion a year."

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