Eating, diets and other meaty stuff


My every day diet is very LCHF inspired, but since Sunday I´ve gone strictly LCHF. Why?

Because for me it´s one of the most effective ways to stay low in weight, I´m now close to my 55kg - only 15 days to go until my spring challenge - and still train hard (without loosing muscle).

During my lifetime I´ve tried most versions of eating: vegetarian, raw food, "tallriksmodellen", juice fasting, GI, Atkins, you name it. In the end I´ve learnt that the following works best for me:

* Eating 3 meals a day - breakfast, lunch, dinner and all 3 should include cooked food.
The "eating 5-6 times a day" did certainly NOT work for me. BOOORING!
It completely killed my natural love of food, I was never hungry when it was time to eat and therefore had to force something down, to be able to stick to that high number of meals/snacks.
A little bit of hunger now and again strongly increases my enjoyment and appreciation of food.

* Eating more fat than most people. Real butter, lactose free full fat cream, coconut fat, etc. It keeps my energy levels up and stops me from being too hungry between meals (see previous point).

* Eating lots of meat and fish. Organic red meat, elk, sometimes organic pork & chicken + plenty of fish. Because biologically we are all carnivores. Some more than others.

* Eating 95% organic. Whenever it´s possible. No matter the cost.

* Never ever depriving myself of xxx when I really crave it. Yes, it happens to me too, just not that often. What my cravings are? 8 times out of 10: something salty. 9 times out of 10: it happens during that time of the month.

I think the challenge for most people is to find out what works for them. There are so many different "truths" out there, it´s normal to become confused. As in most subjects that deals with the human body/health I don´t believe there is only one way that works for all.

If you really want to know what works for you, you could actually find out by yourself if you have the patience and interest.

Try different ways of eating and do an "inner scan" afterwards.
Did the food fill you up?
Did it make you energetic/lethargic/happy/sad?
Did it pick you up quickly and then drop you like a hot cake?
Did it attract you, and by that I mean, did it make you want to eat it?
How long after you ate could you go training?
How did it feel?
When did you become hungry again?

There are of course several more both relevant and necessary questions to ask, but I think you get the point.

Expect to find answers there, within yourself. Not in the tabloids.


soffan said...

Shit vad gött, ÄNTLIGEN någon som inte tycker att man tvunget måste äta fem gånger om dagen! Jag tycker också att det är helt hopplöst tråkigt :).

mojo said...

Soffan: När man jobbar med träning har det har nästan varit lite "fult" att säga att man inte vill/kan/mår bra av att äta 5-6ggr om dagen.

To hell with it, säger jag. Gör det som passar DIG. :)


J said...

Härligt att se du äter bra mat ;)Hur mår du av lchf?
Orkar du träna?
Men varför fokus på vikten? Eller missar jag något? Du e ju redan så snygg!


mojo said...

J: Tackar! :)
Jag mår jättebra på lchf och har ätit "lchf-inspirerat" i snart 3 år. Träningen fungerar finfint.

Jag är ointresserad av vikt i vanliga fall, men om 2 veckor åker jag till Köpenhamn för att genomgå RKC-utbildningen.
I certifieringen ingår ett snatchtest: 100 snatchar på 5min.
Om man som kvinna väger över 56kg, snatchar man en 16kg kettlebell och väger man under 56kg snatchar man en 12kg kettlebell...
Jag kommer väga in på 55kg... :)


Ha en fin helg!


J said...

Ah då e jag med! Lycka till!

Oj har du gjort det och jag missat det. då e jag nybörjare jämfört med dig med mina typ 1,3år :P

*kram kram

mojo said...

J: Jag har det ju så fantastiskt förspänt att min man lagar all mat och han är expert på LCHF. :)