Photos from the RKC

Somehow, blogspot is not collaborating too well tonight when it comes to photo editing...so here comes, in no particular order, photographs from the RKC weekend in Copenhagen...
Thanks to everyone involved,
Thanks to all the great, fit, inspirational individuals who I got to spend some more time with over the weekend. You all know who you are.

The weekend was such a refreshing change from the normal fitness circuit.

There was NO excuses made over the 3 days.
Not one single: "I can´t because of..." or "I have an old injury so I have to modify..."
No complaining.
No bitching.
Everyone came prepared.
Everyone was friendly.
Everyone wanted to learn.

When there was a new task given, it was dealt with.
When we got an extra 20 swings and an extra 20 swings and an extra 20 swings (on Saturday with did over 600 EXTRA swings, outside of the swings that were already in the drills - yes, Andreas counted), the group woopped and cheered and went ON WITH IT.



The two lightweights, -56kg, Agnes from Hungary and I

Hard kickin´ Kyokushinkai Andreas Almén waiting for his results.

Anna showing how a 16 kb should be handled...
Gorgeous girl with equally gorgeous personality.

..and in our training clothes... Anna and her hubby Jon train regurlarly with one of
(in my opinion)
Stockholm´s best trainers Fredrik Norström.
You could tell.

With my team leader Geoff.

Thomas from Fightfit & John

Kettlebells, anyone?

Luigi (in the red vest) pressed the Beast (48kg).
After watching my snatch test he walks up to me and says:
"That´s going to be my inspiration for the rest of the weekend".
You got to LOVE the italians!

The three Musketeers. They look hard, don´t they?
In fact they´re lovely.
Henke, Fredrik & Andreas.
Thanks for great company, guys!

Here with 2 of my favourite Danes: Kresten Gaub & Thomas Filt.

Sweden, England, Denmark, Russia and Norway. All getting along, all looking happy. :)

Over achieving Asian, ohoy!
The Grad workout. See-saw presses and double swings over the length of a football field.
At one stage I was screamed at by a snappy Dane (who wasn´t even part of the education team and who I hadn´t even seen before the grad workout) to:
"Slow down!! Do not pass the team leader!!!".
Errrr.... I´ve never been to the army and never will.
I didn´t even know that was in the rule book.
To keep the peace I slowed down a bit.

Pavel Tsatsouline at the end of day 3.


Helena said...

Du är f*n min idol Monika! :D Puss på dig!

Anonymous said...

Stort grattis! Bra kämpat! En riktig höjdarhelg om du frågar mig. Mycket fina bilder.

Power to you :)

Henke - RKC

mojo said...

Helena: Wow. TACK!
Vi hörs i veckan!

Henke: Right back at ya, som man säger på ameeerrrrikanska. ;)
Visst var det?
Hoppas vi ses igen.
Se nu till att sprida lite POWER i Växjö! :)


Alexander said...

Hej på er och Grattis till RKC-certifieringarna!
Såg att ni jobbar i Gbg - denna stad börjar ju bli ett riktigt kettlebell-fäste... vad kan det bero på? :-)

mojo said...

Hej Alexander!
Hmmmm....tror att det kan bero på att:
1. Göteborgare är envisa.
2. Göteborgare biter i när det gäller.
3. Göteborgare supportar varandra.

Ö.h.t är det fascinerande många svenskar som gått igenom RKC I vid det här laget.
Vi var definitivt otroligt starkt representerade i år. KUL!

Happy training!