I KILLED the Snatch test in 3min 40sec! YEAH!

Amazing stuff and it felt so incredibly GREAT!
I wanted to post the video of my test, but the file was too big.
I will write a longer post after dinner, but for now: DAMN, how wonderful it was to FLY!
Thanks for all your well wishes and positive energy, it definitely helped like rocket fuel! :)

Day 1 of the RKC:
I had set my alarm 6.30am. Didn´t really know how much I could allow myself for breakfast, so I held back a great deal.

We reached the training venue just before 9am. It was only me and another girl planning to weigh in below 56kg and we were both hungry, a bit nervous and psyched up.
Imagine our distress when we all of a sudden were called into our groups and asked to bring our test sized kettlebell with us! What? No weigh in? No extra carbs before the test?

We both got to stay with the 12kg, but I have to admit, I felt a bit disappointed that I didn´t get to prove my weight after ALL that mad weight focus over the last month...

Anyway, I was a tiny bit worried that I´d gone to low on calories and therefore would feel the effects of the adrenalin too strongly. You know, when you start up you´re on top of the world and then after 2min you just DIE...

So I decided to go on speed. Do as many as possible in as little time as possible before you loose it, was the plan.

I started off HARD and hit a snatch every 2 seconds. 15-15-10-10-Flew up to 50, started to feel it around 65. When I reached 80 my breathing was getting more laborated and when I reached 90, I remeber thinking, thank God, only 10 more to go....

The last 10 felt like an eternity, as if I was snatching in syrup. When I reached 100, I just screamed straight out: YEEEES! (It looks very funny in the video!)

I was the fastest one in my group (and of the day), but I had no idea how fast.
(Not that it matters at all, because as long as you do it within 5 min, you have passed.)

3 minutes and 40 seconds??? I killed my PR with 40 seconds!!!

Jez, it felt so good!

The rest of the day was challenging, but I was strong all the way to the end of day 1.
(Much thanks to an absolutely fabulous lunch! The best I´ve ever had at any training course.)

My body feels fantastic and I´ve kept carbo loading during the evening.
Looking forward to tomorrow, now it´s time to hit the sack!

Nite nite!

Ripped and ready at 7.30am this morning
...and this is what I had for lunch+ an extra plate of potatoes...yummy, yummy, YUM!
My hands before...
...and my hands AFTER day 1...Check out the blister...
...actually it could have been A LOT worse. For now, I only need tape on two out of five fingers and so far the skin on my palms stick together...



soffan said...

Klart du gjorde :). Grattis!!

mojo said...

TACK Soffan!
Det var sååå härligt att få sätta den! :)


Erika said...

Tvivlade aldrig på att du skulle klara det men så inspirerande på det sättet du gör det, fullt fokus-enorm styrka!!!

Njut av ostsmörgåsen, den är helt klart välförtjänt! :)

Vad tror du, kan jag ha som mål att klara 10 snatchar innan sommaren är slut?! Kan ju inte lägga ner KB nu! ;)

Kör hårt resten av helgen!!


ps. du vet vad du ska göra åt blåsorna! våga prova! ;)

mojo said...

TACK Erika!
10 kommer du klara mer än galant, det är så säkert!!!
Hahahaha, det där blåstipset kommer att förfölja mig in till tidens ände...hmmm..ja,det är ju 2 hela dagar kvar...vem vet??? ;)

Ha en härlig helg!


Helena said...

Du är så j*vla grym Mo!!!

Magnus said...

Härligt- keep it up! Kram

Liljeros said...

Riktigt bra jobbat!!!

mojo said...

Helena, Magnus, David:
1 dag kvar...det är bara att bita ihop... :)


Fredrik said...

Riktigt bra jobbat! Grattis

mojo said...

Fredrik:TACK- & tack för all support och alla goda råd!!! Otroligt uppskattat, min vän.
I did it! :)


J said...

Grymt jobbat!