Lisbon to Åre


Flowing of the GREAT energy from the last couple of weeks! Croatia :) YUM
And Asia Spa - Check it out HERE!!!

TODAY - What a day :)

Core/Stretch and Hot Yoga at Hagabadet followed by a lovely breakfast with Gorgeous Blondie Maria :)

Then some work at JIRA office, an interview for Aftonbladet (I think... :)

Free Power and Yoga Detox at St Jörgens park and now showing my apt and crossing my fingers that they like it so that I can open my new YOGA space in August and invite YOU to Exclusive Private sessions and fun Kula Yoga!!! Yeahh!

Now it's time to pack my bags again. This time for Lisbon where I'll be teaching NIKE Europe a master class and showing them the new KEY styles for 2010 - LOVE my sponsor!! The new theme for autumn ROCKS!!!! Wouldn't wanna be working with any of the other brands out there :)

You'll see ;)

After Lisbon I'll take the plane straight to ÅRE where my RockNRolla Hunk partner meets me :) And perhaps YOU? Will I see you at Workout ÅRE this weekend?!

I'm teaching CaramelCore, MojoYoga and Free Power :)

Beautiful Dreams Loved ones


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Jenny said...

Yup, see you on saturday lovely Jo! :)