Beautiful and Scary

Can life be both? At the same time?

Most definitely!!

And I do find it fascinating

we are co-creators of the world that we appear to encounter

Hope you had a beautiful with a twist of scary day ;)

I am preparing for THE BIG GAME tomorrow before we take of and return from one paradise to another!

Thank you Croatia - Thank you ACE :) Thank you EARTH!!!

LOVE and sweet dreams Jo

ps - Well done Göteborgs Varvare ;)


Emma R said...

Har du lyssnat nån gång på Alanis Morrisettes "Citizen of the Planet"? Världens bästa låt att ha i Ipoden när man reser...

Jo said...

Ahh TACK!!
ÄLSKAR musik tips!

Grymt att se dig i Haga igår :)