Here comes the sun

Could it be that spring is finally here?
I, for once, overdressed packing on the warm clothes when I went out at lunch time.

Things are starting to come together workwise and I will make sure that I can enjoy some TRUE "mamma-ledighet" on the sunny days until August.

I recieved an email concerning next week´s RKC.
Just to give you an idea of what´s waiting for me Fri-Sun in Copenhagen:

* Students are not called students. We are referred to as "victims". Prejudice no.1 is already confirmed! I have a MILITARY-MACHO, SUPA-DUPA TESTOSTERONE weekend coming up!

* The weigh in is next Friday at 9.00am. Oh, nice! I will have some fast carbs straight after that, because after the weigh in comes...:

* ...The Snatch test 10.15-10.50 next Friday...

Buying lunch.
Found these gorgeous Dior sunglasses in my wardrobe. +10 years old - we´re talking true vintage here (minus that butt-ugly smell that old stuff normally holds - I detest Vintage clothes! YUK!).

- Partly blingblinged from my iPhone


Anonymous said...

good luck with the snatch test!

mojo said...

Thanks so much, Thierry!
As long as my hands are healed, my body is certainly more than prepared... :)