Maj maj måne :)

Good morning sunshines :)

And what a weekend it is!!
In short:

Decided to teach an AfroPowerDance reining this weekend evethough this wa my free weekend! Why? Well I do Love APD and Cissi's girl has harr birthday this weekend... I remember one time when my dad wasn't there for my B-day and I still haven't forgiven him...
Enough said!

Anyhow, after teaching I met up with THE man and went for a latelunch crepe walk in the 1maj Solen. It turned into coffe at BarItalia and wine tasting at Le Village, which in turne turned into dinner followed by drinks at ETT :)
Just taught a yoga class, the sun is feeding me breakfast, soon of to the APD training, reward is late brunch, a run, dinner and a movie :)))

Yum yum yum

Love Jo

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)

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