Live from EGO

Arranged by Driftig.nu, the EGO-event is supposed to be an evening of inspiration for self-employed women.

I put my name down a couple of weeks ago. I thought: "Ok, why not? It can always be good to see what they´re up to and if these events are different from what I think..."

I have prejudices about quite a lot of things.

When a lot of women are gathered around in the same space, I expect them to be quite "clique-ish" and "catish", that´s just how we are. You know what I mean?
Checking each other out (shoes? clothes? handbag? hair?), not smiling or talking to strangers and other very irrelevant, not very networking- or business sound behaviour.

Was I wrong?

Well, the first thing to happen is: I get in line to check in and I end up standing behind a woman who also seems to be there on her own. She turns around - I smile. She blanks my smile and goes on to stare at my handbag - and wait for it! - my shoes.

1-0 to me, I´m afraid.

Next up: the exhibitors. I walk past make-up. Jewellery. A stand where you can leave your business card to enter a draw to win chocolate, jewellery, books and a SPA-treatment. More jewellery. Books. And finally, a small stand for BRG (Business Region Gothenburg).

Is this really what other business women want? Make-up and jewellery? I certainly don´t. Not at a business event.

The highlight of the evening? Meeting Åsa & Beckis! I haven´t seen Beckis since we were dancing the night away about a decade ago!

The presentations? Elisabeth Gummesson, wonderful, bubbly Annika Sjöö & Babben - great!
Sanna Lundell: super-talented woman who should have prepared better. It´s NOT ok to have to read from your notes throughout the WHOLE evening - even when she introduces herself and who she is!...
The panel: Great to see Malin, the founder of Prickig Katt on stage - she´s an original and I like her. The only man on stage for the evening... Who booked him? I was very NOT impressed by what he said/how he said it/or anything else for that matter.

Entering the event at Konserthuset in Gbg...
Thanks to these gorgeous women who made my night!
Beckis, Helen, Malin & Åsa.
Beckis made us all proud when she won something in the lottery!
The price? A necklace! Of course.

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Rebecka said...

Vackra Mo!

Så himla mysigt att ses efter alldeles för lååång tid!

Nu hoppas jag det blir en ny dejt pronto och att vi inom kort dansar brallorna av Gbg:s godingar:)

Glädje/ Beckis