Growing up :)

Back home after a great weekend with MOJO yoga TT :)

I felt my noes and sinuses Friday morning, and it didn't get any better during the weekend...

Mo insisted on it being alergy but I have decided NOT to have alergy :)

Sunday night was spent being awake, not being able to sleep, finaly waking up with even more congestion :(
At least I made a GROWN UP decision - and canceld al my privates and classes ( although it hurt to do this).
A month ago I wouldn't have done this... I would have worked until I litteraly couldn't get myself out of bed!!!
Not very smart and longterm wise I know!

So a proud Jo is now saying good night with some super C power :)

Ps do you have plans for the 13-14/5:? Join me in Varberg at Asia Spa - it is going to be powerful and soulful :)

Love Jo

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)

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