Tennis Abstinens!!!

Back in GBG :)

LOVE but WOW - I do miss the Tennis ....

Oh well - guess it is just up to me to get started :)

3 more weeks of FULL on work and then SOMMARLOVE :)

Here is a greeting from the NIKE crew in Lisbon, where the EXPRESS yourself part of the day was held! What a place - i'm going here on my honeymoon!!! (part of it ;)

Was going to Skåne the coming weekend BUT NIKE offered me a very exciting Job, both for me, and also I want to be there for my sponsor when they need me, in Sthlm! So that's where I am going this weekend!
Will tell you more about it soon (as soon as I understand what it is that I am actually doing hhihi :)

Sweet dreams MOJOs


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