What does Tennis do for U?

Writing to you 8km outside of SPLIT :)

Back in my room after fab morning yoga and breakfast x2 :) ( I LOOOOVE Breakfast!)

for almost two years I have been teaching yoga to a group of powerful PRANIC Women in Gothenburg! They play Tennis, practice yoga and have a network amongst each other - they call themselves ACE!

During 4 days they invited me to come join them in Croatia and of course I said YES! Not only because I LOVE Yoga but because they are such lovely and funny women to be around!

The schedule is TIGHT and FULL ON as one can expect when it comes to POWERFUL women such as these!

Morning Yoga
Evening Yoga
Lecture from one of the women in the group and cocktails

It was exactly 7months since I held a tennis racket in my hands for the first time - that time it lasted a week and I am soon to move in together with my dåvarande "Tennis Coach" :)

Who knows where Tennis will get me this time :?

I do know that it excites me!!!

putting on my white tennis skirt now

Have a beautiful day loved ones


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J said...

Du har det bra! :)