In place at the conference hotel (waaay) outside Copenhagen.
I´ve unpacked - and almost had a heart attack when at first I could only find one training "sock". Normal shoes are not allowed during the certification - here the "barefoot" (or at least almost barefoot) philosophy has taken over completely, which means: "Shoes on? Well, NO certification for you, victim." Yes, it´s actually true.

So, imagine my panic when I, for about 5 minutes thought that Robin must have managed to hide one of my 5fingers whilst tearing through my suitcase last night! Sure, I did a lovely (pink, of course) pedicure around midnight last night, but I HATE having cold feet, and we´re supposed to be outdoors for 3 days!
Phew, turns out sock number two had only got stuck between two compartments in my giant bag...

I´m having something to eat (last low calorie dinner for a whiiiiile!) now and then I´m going to the Meet´n´greet at 7pm.
I´ll keep you posted!

Before I go, I just HAVE to show you this ingenius bag.... PERFECT for weekends like this and big city shopping trips to London and NY...
Stage 1. A small squeezy Nike square...
Stage 2. Et voilà: A very funky, functional, ultra-light sportsbag!


Erika said...

Smart och snygg väska!
Behöver jag en ny träningsbag kanske, hmm inte omöjligt... :)

Nu ska jag på Hotyoga med Istvan, förra veckan körde han hårt med mig får se om han är lite snällare idag... =)

Skickar en massa energi och STORT lycka till imorgon!

You will rock!!


mojo said...

TACK Erika! :)
...man behöver alltid smarta och snygga väskor... ;)

Njut av Hot MOJO, ses nästa vecka.


p3te* said...

That bag is perfect for the next time you have to travel with just a carry on, and might want to bring something back.

...and with Ryanair now charging 15 euros for checked baggage per flight, it will save you the cost and hassle of paying for an empty suitcase on the way out.

Like it :)