LIVE WorkoutÅre 2010

Jippie! We made it and so did my bag :) Al the way from Lisbon to Åre 3 flights and one car ride later the 3 of us landed at Holiday Club!

Last year I couldn't make it as I was training with Ana Forrest in NYC. And I must say that I did miss it :)

The crew does a GREAT job arranging everything and making us instructors feel at home and comfy! So comfy that I am now in bed - enjoying some work on my computer whilst my love is following the great advice from the master Matthew G - SLEEP!!! Hahaha

The Mojo Yoga class this morning ROCKED! Thanks to the great yogis in the room - WOW - Thank you for reminding me of why I LOVE to do what I do!

Some breakfast after that, then the new BodyCombat - man did I feel it :)
Lecture about the Harmonic Athlete by MG - Lunch - a walk near the lake and now power nap for some and office work for others. It is interesting, I tried to take a power nap since I was up at around 6am today (went to bed at 1am..) but I just couldn't do it, I had WAY to much energy!

Let's see what happens 2night, people who know me and have slept with me (no dirty thinking hey!) know what I am like.. so the answere to 2nights question is......... ?!

Are you watching the EUROVISION?


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