Karma´s a bitch when she´s got her period...


Ain´t life weird?

Karma might be a bitch when she has her period, but most of the time she´s just consistent with a funny sense of humor.

You can bet your toned ass on the fact that she will throw a handful of people your way during your lifetime - and when you least expect it she will put herself on repeat.

Well, you meet someone in a certain context - at work, at a party, at the gym, through a friend, etc etc and then, 5, 10, 15 years later your roads will cross again, in a completely different setting!

I´m working on a new, very exciting project and out of the 4 main people involved (me being one of the four), it turns out that.... (Now, you need to stay alert):

- Two of the people involved used to be childhood playmates.
- The forth person is an old student of mine - we saw each other at least twice a week, every week for years on the bike-and today we´re working together.
- Turns out that the same student, used to work for one of the two childhood playmates,
- And that person - one of the two childhood playmates - I had a sponsorship deal with 13 years ago!

My Karma could be a stand-up comedienne. :)

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