Blackmail, preparations and new pants


My day in pictures:

Beautiful, beautiful spring has reached Järntorget

New outifit.
T-shirt Loft and pants Maison Scotch.

Love them or hate them.
This is definitely an "either - or" pant.
They are dead comfy anyway.
When my husband sees me wearing trousers like this, he can´t help himself, but always goes:
"Dhooo-dho-dho-dho..dho-dho..dho-dho...Can´t touch this...
"Dhooo-dho-dho-dho..dho-dho..dho-dho...Hammer time!"

- Blingblinged from my iPhone


mary said...

love them,have to get a pair

soffan said...

Löööv brallorna :)!

Min erfarenhet efter mååånga års jobb med att rida in unghästar, är att mutor och hot is the only way to go. Borde väl vara typ samma med riktiga barn ;)? Ett vinnande koncept helt enkelt :).

mojo said...

Mary: Splashed out and got 2 pairs! The blue and white ones in the photograph and a sand coloured pair.
Soooo comfy!
Speak soon.

Soffan: Tack!
Du kommer glänsa i mammarollen! :)
Barn, unghästar/hundar, olydiga män...you name it... ;)


susanita said...

On u, they look smashing! Fab!
But I must also agree with your husband, and i just can´t help myself; hammertime, yeahh!