TEAM NIKE 2010/2011


I remember when I got the cal if I wanted to be part of the Swedish Nike Team :) I was standing in Copenhagen with my mother... didn't really understand what it meant!
I just got my contract renewd for another year :) Jihoooooo!!!

Now (hm I think 5?! years later) what I do appreciate the most is my TEAM MEMBERS!

For the coming year the Swedish TEAM NIKE consists of: (eh - these are just MY very personal spontaneous words :)

Petter Ehrnwall - POWER
Anna Paringer - Serenity
Maria Olofsson - Miss SHAKTI
Fredrik Andersson - Tall but soft
Cecilia Gustafsson - Creator
Robert Sörensen - FunLovin
Fredrik Sjöberg - Expression
Anna Lindh - RunRunRuda with Shanti
Per Markussen - THE MAN
Åsa Fornander - Shake it
Niklas Liljesand - Cupcake
Elaine Rydberg - Maneater (not literally;)
Monika Björn - The Mo to my Jo
Emma Johansson - Hot Moma
Åsa Eriksson - Slut ;)
Dorotka Baburin
- She's an 80's baby
and ME :)

Thank you guys for al the FUN, Inspiration, power and most of al PASSION FOR LIFE itself that you project!!!


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