KICK ASS Mornings

How do YOU kick of your morning :?

Maybe you should join me at 7am CORE and then 8am HOT YOGA :?

A couple of years ago I walked every morning (most...) with Pom and Krull - It was FAB! Not so much that i cared for the powerwalking itself but the way to start my day FRESH with lovely friends, meditation, nature and air :) YUM!

Nowadays I don't like walking, I rather run, but then again in the morning,,,, nja just feels a bit to much - Okey I could run slower but I really really can't run slower.... EGO...!

I LOVE YOGA in the morning!
I LOVE 5min MEDITATION, Netipot, warmwater w lemon!
And NOW - I'll start with Jessica's Daily Affirmation :) - Thank you BRISCH!!!

What about you?



Dennis Molander said...

That's some awesome affirmation. Behold, that one will become something unimaginably great!

alana da silva said...

See you in 7 hours and 57 minutes!!! Jiaaaaa!

mojo said...

Dennis - AHA!!!

Alana - Great job this morning! You totally ROCK the HOT classes ;)